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Summer Olympics are Coming!

The Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro begin on August 5 and run through August 27. The torch is already on its way to Rio. It left Greece on April 27 and arrived in Brazil on May 3. The torch is now making its way across Brazil.

There will be a bunch of excellent women athletes from the US to watch compete this summer, including tennis player Serena Williams who will be trying to repeat her performance in London (2012) where she won gold in both singles and doubles, bringing her Olympic title total to four.

In honor of the summer Olympics, we will be running a series of articles from the book The Girl's Guide to Swagger in the Outdoors and Sports. We'll talk about the benefits of being fit and how you can benefit from being active. Turns out that playing sports has all kinds of mental and physical benefits. Being active gives us healthier bodies and better self-image. We see our bodies as useful and powerful and don't care so much what the media tells us we should look like or be like. So come along for a series of articles and interviews on the benefits of getting fit and get ready for Rio 2016!

For more on The Girls Guide to Swagger, visit us here.

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