Cindy Brown is a writer, photographer, consultant and life coach. 

Cindy was the Co-Executive Director of Boulder Housing Partners, the housing authority of the City of Boulder for ten years. She was responsible for coordinating budgets, schedules, and approvals for all the development projects of the organization. In addition, she was the project manager for the Holiday Neighborhood – a 330 unit, mixed use project with 40% affordability – including a tax credit project. Cindy also worked for the City of Boulder, Housing Division – coordinating the Community Housing Assistance Program (CHAP) which provides project funding. She helped develop policies on inclusionary zoning and excise tax. As a member of the RRC Associates consulting team, she worked with mountain communities in Colorado and New Mexico to assess housing need and explore options for developing housing.


Cindy taught at the University of Colorado’s College of Architecture and Planning – both housing policy and a class she developed called Real World Planning, which covered the skills and knowledge needed to get projects done.


She now lives in Taos where she is a consultant, life coach, and freelance writer. She writes about hiking, health and fitness, history and culture for the Taos News and is the author of two books about nature, including the new Taos Hiking Guide (Nighthawk Press, 2015).  She offers personal coaching, along with workshops and guided hikes. 

Cindy Brown, CPT, C Ht