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Cindy Brown is a writer, life coach, and consultant. 

Cindy lives in Taos, New Mexico where she is a freelance writer, life coach, and consultant. She writes about nature, hiking, health, history and culture for The Taos News and is the author of two books about nature, including the Taos Hiking Guide (Nighthawk Press, 2015).  She offers personal coaching and organizational consulting along with workshops and guided hikes. 

She works with people to help them achieve their dreams. Recent successes include one client who has published a story in a prestigious journal, another who has gotten a job that is perfect for them, and a client who is opening a business. 

As a book consultant, Cindy works with authors to help them complete, publish, and market their manuscripts. 

At the University of New Mexico - Taos, Cindy earned a certificate in Holistic Health and Healing Arts. She reached the Third Degree of Reiki training - Master level. In her studies, she focused on health coaching and received additional life coach training to qualify her to work with people making transitions in their lives. Cindy is currently studying shamanistic healing practices with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. 


Cindy taught at the University of Colorado’s College of Architecture and Planning – both housing policy and a class she developed called Real World Planning, which covered the skills and knowledge needed to get projects done. She received a B.A. in International Affairs (political science, history, language) from CU-Boulder, graduating Magna Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa. At the University of Colorado - Denver, she studied in the Masters of Urban Planning program. 



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