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Two Meadows Coaching 

Life coaching


"We all have two lives. The second one starts when we realize we only have one.”

— Tom Hiddleston



To assist clients in achieving their dreams and creating satisfying and fulfilling lives. 



Two Meadows Coaching is dedicated to helping people navigate life transitions such as graduation, changing careers, and finding their life purpose. Two Meadows Coaching provides support and assistance as people explore and find new directions. Once a client sets a goal, I help them achieve it providing support, suggestions, structure and a safe place to think out loud. 

The reason for the name is that we may have at least two main periods of our lives – the one we have lived in the past and the new one opening up before us. Two Meadows also refers to the use of nature as a healing tool in life coaching.

What coaching is

Life coaching is about looking at what is important to you in life and figuring out how to move forward in alignment with your values. Coaching allows you to assess your life, identify any obstacles to progress and make a successful plan for moving ahead. 


Coaching is different than counseling or psychotherapy, because it focuses on the future rather than the past. Coaching can be used as a supplemental approach, but it is not a substitute for counseling, psychotherapy, mental health care, or substance abuse treatment.


Coaching works by providing tools and other assistance that the client uses to define goals and reach them. The role of the coach is to provide a safe space, suggested techniques, and encouragement to assist clients in achieving their life goals. In my practice, I emphasize mindfulness techniques that allow the client to access their own inner wisdom. Coaching works with the conscious mind to make powerful, successful plans for the future.



Areas of emphasis
Aligning life transitions with values

Major life transitions such as graduating, changing careers, retiring, moving and getting married or divorced present new opportunities, while also potentially causing stress and uncertainty. Coaching can help clients sift through emotions and challenges and get moving in the right direction with more ease and grace.


Connecting with nature 

Reduced stress, better focus, and overall health are among the benefits of connecting with nature. Guided hikes for individuals and groups are offered through Two Meadows Coaching. The hikes can be customized to include meditation and writing time.



Expressing ourselves through journaling and poetry can help lead us to insights and release. Perhaps you would like

to write poetry or you have a book that you would like to bring to life. 

In addition to using my book Lessons from Nature in healing, strength, and flexibility as a resource, I offer opportunities to write poetry, short stories, essays, song lyrics and more, along with drawing and taking photos to help clients explore their feelings and insights.


My poetry has been featured in the “Women Writing Nature” issue of literary magazine, Sugar Mule and in the anthology “Veils, Shackles, and Halos: International Poetry on the abuse and oppression of women," as well as in HOWL: The Voice of UNM-Taos, 2017-2024. My short stories appeared in the book Storied Wheels (SOMOS 2014).


Health and well-being

With life transitions may come challenges to our health and well-being. By including a review of health in overall goals and planning, the challenges can be addressed and we can create energy and health in our bodies and minds.

Coaching: Rates and Scheduling

First session:

Introductory rate $50 per hour

Regular sessions:

Standard session $75 per hour



Phone Tuesday-Friday 1:00 - 5:00 pm MST; evenings available 


Schedule an appointment, contact Cindy today by clicking here




“Thanks so much for stepping in and providing coaching and support while I experienced the rocky rapids of my recent project. Words can't really convey what a solace it was to be able to rant/brainstorm/problem solve on our periodic calls. Thank you for your availability, openness, gift of time and unconditional support.” 

— Willa Johnson 


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