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Two Meadows Consulting

Housing Consulting
Many communities are experiencing rising property values that make it hard for people who work there to live there. Mountain and resort communities face special problems included a limited land supply and competition for housing with visitors and second home owners. 

Cindy worked for more than twenty years planning and developing affordable housing in Boulder, Colorado and was the lead developer on the mixed use Holiday Neighborhood. She was also part of a consulting team that worked with Colorado and New Mexico mountain towns to help explore ways to provide high quality, affordable housing for their workforce. 

She now partners with other housing experts to help communities explore how to best provide housing that is appropriate for their needs.

Recent work:

2017 Glenwood Springs Community Builders Training - facilitator and speaker

2018 Mammoth Lakes Community Workshop - key note speaker

2019 Cripple Creek/Victor housing needs assessment with WSW Consulting

2020 Victor - developer selection for town-owned parcel 



Two Meadows Consulting

Rates for non-profits are available. Contact Cindy for current rates.

(720) 341-9703. 

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